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Sustainable Packaging

Tríona O'Donnell

Hi everyone!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I just love weekends! For me, it's all about good food, rest and spending time with friends and family. I try to fit in a long run too... I'm slowly trying to get back on track. 


I just wanted to pop on and say thank you for your support and interest in TRÍONA designs and give you some updates. My raindrops and silver linings are almost sold out since launching two weeks ago. These are the most popular pieces as not only are they affordable, they are really beautiful, wearable designs.

I'll be restocking both, along with rose gold raindrops and clouds - end of November. I'll let you know as soon as they're ready via Facebook and Instagram, but feel free to drop me an email on if you'd like to pre-order. In fact, I may do a little pre-sale later this month!

I also wanted to tell you about our sustainable packaging. Each piece of TRÍONA jewellery comes in a little box. The important thing about these boxes is they're 100% recycled. Each box is made from recycled kraft paper. The synthetic cotton filler is also 100% recycled. 

It's important for us to do our bit, however small, for the environment. 

Have a great week!


T xo