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December Musings & SHOUT Fashion 2017

Tríona O'Donnell

Hi everyone!

I hope your Monday has been a good one. 

Can you believe it's December already? It just crept up out of nowhere, it seems. 

I decided to write a little fashion related entry, as I know that some of you who followed modaFix miss my regular content about goings on locally and perhaps my style-related content. I still can't believe when I meet people out and about who have read and enjoyed my blogs, and encourage me to keep it up.

I think blogging has changed so much. Everything is so instant. I do really admire bloggers who can do it 24/7 and who have become powerhouses and amazing businesswomen through blogging. Their work ethic is a force to be reckoned with. I just couldn't share so much of my personal life or snap every single detail. I still get that fear from time to time when I share images or a story. I always disliked the word 'blogger' and didn't really like to be branded one. Perhaps I'm not suited to blogging, but I will never regret having tried it because of the opportunities that came about through it. 

I think I'm enjoying life offline so much now that I barely think to blog or use social media as much as I once did. I'm very content at the moment with recent developments like launching my online shop and the response to my designs, my day job isn't too stressful for the most part and I surround myself with like-minded work colleagues and great friends, who encourage me in everything I do, plus - I'm enjoying simple pleasures like exercising again, which I think makes me think even more positively.

I probably have a zillion updates since I last wrote anything personal or of major interest, but the one that springs to mind is SHOUT Ladies' Lunch as it took place most recently - last Friday, December 1st at Sligo Park Hotel. I'm sure most of you know that this is an annual fundraiser for Sligo Hospital Oncology Unit Trust. It is such a vital event to fund equipment for cancer patients and their families.

This was my 3rd SHOUT Lunch. I was MC for the fashion show at Diamond Coast Hotel in 2015 (man, I was so so nervous!) I say 'Yes' to helping out and then when the time comes I get so worked up! You can read my 2015 blog on this here. Last year, (December 2016) I went with my friend Martha and I wore an outfit by local designer Jade Reidy. Check it out here.

This year, my friend Laura organised a table for 12 of us! Of course, I was rushing from work to attend and was asked last minute - the evening before - if I'd take part in the fashion show! I missed the makeup and arrived just on time to throw on the first outfit. Anyway, I was so happy (and totally shocked) to be asked to walk and it really gave me a boost. You may not have known, but I can struggle with my confidence from time to time, just as much as the next person, and I honestly believe everyone experiences bouts of anxiety and feeling low about themselves - for no particular reason - at various stages in their lives and to varying degrees; Some people just manage it better. Do you ever suffer from the dreaded inferiority complex? It's ridiculous really.


This was the 1st casual look from local, independent store Anna. I must say that I adored the fit of those khaki Mos Mosh jeans. It's been so long since I've had a pair of jeans that I've felt good in. I think they're a flattering fit. Anna is having a launch party tomorrow night with 20% off all A/W stock... plus a flash 24hour sale on her online store... these are top of my list. The leather jacket was another popular piece and would be a great buy. I finished this simple casual outfit with the best-selling design from my Silver Linings Collection.


The next look was a Christmas party look. This Part Two dress would have been very me - a few years ago anyway. I do appreciate a bit of 1920's flapper, but I'm much more selective about the garments I buy now after watching the documentary The True Cost. Plus, I love simple design and looks that I can rewear (think cost per wear!) The True Cost is on Netflix if you're interested - I promise it will change your shopping habits! I barely shopped for 7 months! Having said that, if you fancy a party dress while supporting a local boutique, shop here.

Fashion Show Sligo

So, that's the latest in terms of the style that's on my mind. I mentioned on social last month that I found my wedding dress, which is a big relief, but I think that's a blog for another day!

Thanks for reading. Have a lovely week ahead!


T xo