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Care & Repair 


The following simple tips will ensure that your pieces look their best long after purchase.


When you’re not wearing your favourite TRÍONA design, store it in the box it came in to minimise tarnish. Our rose gold pieces are plated over solid sterling silver and will eventually fade. When it does, we offer a re-plating service for a small fee (see below).


To clean your TRÍONA jewellery, pour lukewarm water into a bowl with some soap and give it a stir. Pop your jewellery in the mix for 1 minute, rinse with clean water, polish with a cotton cloth and pat completely dry. Our solid sterling pieces can be cleaned using any of the commercially available solutions - preferably the non-chemical options.


Silver can become tarnished over time depending on use and the environment to which it is exposed. To maintain the shine of our high polished TRÍONA pieces, gently rub with a silver polishing cloth (made from 100% cotton) in a circular motion until the shine is restored. Alternatively, any professional goldsmith will polish your pieces for a nominal cost.


Avoid wearing your TRÍONA jewellery in the shower or pool as the chlorine tarnishes the metal, especially pieces plated in rose gold. Be careful with creams, body lotions, perfumes, fake tan and harsh chemicals - these will tarnish jewellery in time. Remove your TRÍONA jewellery when applying any products and allow to dry before you wear your TRÍONA jewellery.


Re-plating services: our rose gold pieces are heavily plated over solid sterling silver. The rose gold layer will eventually fade if you use harsh chemicals (see above). Re-plating is offered for a small fee. 

If your piece is damaged or breaks, please get in touch with us ( We want you to be happy with your TRÍONA treasure.